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Joint ceremony of awarding winners of premiums "Russian Olympus - 2019" and "Golden Phoenix - 2019" was seen on 21 November 2019


24th - 27th February 2005 Congress-Hall of the "InterContinental Aphrodite Hills Resort Hotel" (Cyprus) saw a solemn ceremony of awarding Prize Winners "RUSSIAN BUILDING OLYMPUS"

On 25th in Cyprus the Congress-Hall of the "InterContinental Aphrodite Hills Resort Hotel" held an "Investment attraction of the Russian regions" conference within the framework of a four-day International Business-Forum. Awarding of prize winners of the premium "RUSSIAN BUILDING OLYMPUS" was on the same day.

At the plenary sitting of the conference the following reports were presented:

President of the Association of Russian Banks - Garegin Ashotovich Tosunyan; Director on certification of the Centre of independent expert estimations - Artur Yakovlevich Rachkovskiy; Executive Director of the "Association of accountants and auditors of the "Community" - Vladimir Tigranovich Chaya; Principal Architect of the Yamalo-Nenetschkiy autonomous area - Valentina Vasilyevna Voloshanskaya.

Issues discussed at the meeting, concerned the role of banks in attracting investments to the regions of the Russian Federation (G.A. Tosunyan) and rising investment attraction of Russian enterprises in connection with transition to the international standards of financial accountability (V.T. Chaya). Mrs. V.V. Voloshanskaya descried the situation in one of regions with good investment climate by the example of stages of town development of Yamal. There was presented a report on the system of Quality Management Standards of ISO 9000 series, where advantages and prospects of integration of quality standards to the Russian regions were mentioned (A.Ya. Rachkovskiy).

After the plenary sitting within the framework of the conference round tables were held. The representatives of financial business discussed issues of investment potential of Russian regions, pension savings, in particular, they were considered as a means of investing into housing (S.F. Khalilov - Director General of "NVK" Management Company). Director General of the company-administrator of non-state pension funds "Pension Capital" - K.S. Ugryumov shared experience of implementation of corporate pension plans. At the round table other participants of the conference were present - not just representatives of the financial market, but also representatives of building complex. The round table was held under the management of V.T. Chaya.

The issue of the other round table under the title of "Quality problems of Russian building and architecture" aroused lively discussion and captured real attention of conference participants. The sitting was held under the management of S.V. Kachanov - Director of the "School for master builders".

The ceremony of awarding Prize Winners of the Premium "RUSSIAN BUILDING OLYMPUS" was held on the same day in the evening. The atmosphere was relaxing, masters of the ceremony were Ekaterina and Alexander Strizhenov. Besides the Prize Winners of the Premium notable public figures of financial and building sectors of Russian business, representatives of mass media of Russian and Cyprus were present.

Upon completion of the Ceremony banquet was set, where Prize Winners of the Premium were celebrated.

The official insurance company of the International Business-Forum in Cyprus is
"Insurance group "Spasskiye Vorota".